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Michael Rozin – Head Instructor

Michael served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Sergeant in a specialized combat unit—Barkan. In this role, Michael trained in Krav Maga, the official defense system of the IDF. He is a certified law-enforcement and civilian instructor in Krav Maga defensive tactics. After his military service Michael completed the Advanced Security and Anti-Terrorism Training at Israeli Security Academy under the oversight of the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet), and joined the Israeli Airport Authority where he worked as a security agent for Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. In 2005 he received an award for excellence for his performance at the agency.

In the US, Michael was initially employed by Mall of America (MOA) as Special Operations Security Captain to enhance the counter-terrorism capabilities of MOA Security Department. Michael then founded Rozin Security Consulting, LLC (RSC), dedicated to the advancement of proactive security methods. He has trained a number of law enforcement and security agencies on counter-terrorism and tactical response techniques. He created Krav Maga Minnesota, where he shares this effective self-defense system in the US with both law enforcement agencies and civilians.


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Lara Dreier

Prior to Lara’s first Krav Maga class, she had no experience in combat sports or martial arts, but she immediately fell in love with the intuitive, empowering system and the philosophy behind it. She is a Phase B certified instructor through Krav Maga Worldwide. She teaches beginner and advanced classes regularly, and has led a variety of introductory seminars for groups including the St. Paul Chapter of Hadassah and the Interfaith Youth Leadership Council. She also teaches Krav Maga through Minneapolis Community Education. As an instructor, she particularly appreciates the opportunity to help people build better health and confidence.


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Don Plowman

Don Plowman started his martial arts training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. After a local gym started offering Krav Maga classes, his focus changed sharply. Since then his passion has only grown for Krav Maga. He is a Phase B certified instructor through Krav Maga Worldwide. He teaches both beginners and advanced students at multiple locations, as well as conditioning classes. In addition to regular classes, Don also leads seminars on a variety of topics, including carjacking, weapons, and women’s self-defense.


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Paul Slechta

Paul has been certified by Krav Maga Worldwide as a Phase A Krav Maga instructor.  He has always been a martial arts enthusiast and following his military training, began training in Gōjū-ryū. After a break, he trained in boxing for 4+ years before taking his first Krav Maga class.  From that point on, his passion and enthusiasm for its practical techniques has grown, and he teaches classes regularly. As an instructor, Paul wants to help others gain confidence and the ability to protect themselves if the need ever arises.


Photo credit: Dave Carey

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